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I am looking forward to playing this game on a Mac in a (hopefully) not too distant future 🙂

You can sneak past the first guard if you stick to the Wall.

Apart from that, I do like the game ;)

Hey thank you :)  

Yes I know :D These levels are only for the development phase.  But I  have to be careful that something like this isn't in the real levels.


Harder than I thought it would be. Good game.

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It let my heart goes on, to see that someone make a let's play about my game in this early state and had so much fun while playing it. Thank you:)

Nice game, I like how the camera moves.
Some ideas for improvements:
- Have the sight radius of the guards limited, sometimes you are spotted by a guard without even seeing them. (after the blue door)
- Have the keys vanish after using them on their door
- For the red traps, have some pre indication right before the spikes appear, like a red flashing
- Add Music (OpenGameArt has lots of CC0 tracks)
- Add Checkpoints (especially if you plan to make longer levels)
- "You have lose this level because... " should rather be "You have lost because..."

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you. 

Cool and crazy game! Love to see more. Congratulation! 

Thanks :)