The characters come to life 🤩 More traps and more level 🗺

Hey dudes,

last two weeks I worked a lot on this project. In these two weeks, I already uploaded two minor updates with character models and animations for the dwarfs (enemies) and the goblin (player). But in this update, I also added cool new content for you.

I would be really happy if you could give me some feedback about the controls of the player, and the new traps. If you are interessted in more, visit me on twitter:


  • Character model and animations for the player (goblin)
  • Character model and Animations for the enemy (dwarf)
  • New trap: arrow shooter
  • New trap: spiked roller
  • New level: beginner-friendly level without traps
  • New level: advanced level with the new traps and some enemies

Arrow shooter

Arrow shooter

Arrow shooter WIP

This was a funny moment in the development of the arrow shooter :D

Spiked roller

Spiked roller

New Level 1
New Level 1

New Level 3

New Level 3


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Aug 21, 2019

Get Down by the Dwarfs

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