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"An untouched land, a few people and some goods. You don't need more to create your first settlement. Expand it to a lovely village and build a flourishing town. Extend your empire and found new settlements."

Towns should become a medieval strategy building game, but it is still in a very early stage of development. The title Towns is still a working title. The core features will be:

  • Founding and expanding settlements
    This could be villages and towns but also, for example, a monastery.
  • Complexe economy
    Produce and trade goods from complex production chains and deliver it to your different settlements.
  • Population management
    Keep care of the families in your town and satisfy their need.

Implemented Features

  • Procedural world generation
  • Build, upgrade and destroy buildings
  • Full simulated goods
  • Humanoid behaviour (Housing, work)
  • Population spawning and navigation
  • Quick save and load


  • Moving: WASD and arrow keys
  • Zooming: Scrolling mouse wheel
  • Rotate: Holding middle mouse button (mouse wheel)
  • Quicksave: F5
  • Quickload: F9
  • Hide GUI: F10
  • Screenshot: F11

The quicksave file and the screenshots will be saved to this location: %USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\MuckGames\Towns

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreStrategy, Simulation
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
TagsCity Builder, Economy, Low-poly, Medieval
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unpack the zip file
  3. Start Towns.exe


towns-win.zip 22 MB
Version 5 Feb 10, 2019

Development log


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This game look like it has a ton of potential. Once all of the resources are fully implemented and it's fully playable it should be great.

Thanks for your feedback :) 

Do you have plans in the future to maybe include being able to see the stats of a person. For example: Fritz Fischer

 Wealth: Rich 

Age: Elderly

Home: Small House 

Occupation: Logger

Yes, of course. I plan to add buttons for the home, the work, and the direct family members, that the player can directly jump to this objects. I implemented this already in the window of the houses with their residents. I also plan to add additional information like age, profession, satisfaction...

It's pretty fun but after a bit of building i cant place anything else

Thanks  :)

Yes, because you are running out of clay. You can't see this at the moment. I will add tooltips for the building costs and the amount of clay in the upper bar soon.

I will also increase the amount of the clay at the beginning. Because at the moment you don't have the possibility to gather clay.

Oh okay thanks. I can't wait to see the future of this game.

it all good I figured it out. It is just the monitor I'm using. It's very old and not compatible with most of my games on steam lol

This is good to hear for me because I don't have to change anything :D

im having an issue..... i downloaded the game and no matter what display setting i choose half on the game is off the screen, i have no new game button!

Could you post a screenshot of this that i get a better idea of it?

I kinda wish the game mechanics wasn't tied to placing buildings, but more so with the settlers themselves. Also wish the placeable buildings weren't fully complete in design, but left room for decorative objects to be placed to give players more freedom over how their towns look.

I look forward to following development on this game. :D

Some bugs I've noticed is if you keep placing buildings eventually it'll just stop doing so. But your resources doesn't really reflect this. Even if your resources increase. 

Also not sure how much a dirt road cost or anything because of the lack of tool tips.

At some point I  had to quick save and quick load. Though when I quick loaded it fixed a lot of the issues, but a lot of my progress had disappeared.

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, the settlers will have a more important role in the game like now. My plan is that their daily routine will be completely simulated. In the next update, for the beginning, they will go to a free house and move in. 

Decorative objects will be included at a later stage. But I think they are important too. Whether they will be part of the actual buildings or separate buildings, I don't know for now.

As I wrote in a comment above. I will add tooltips and the missing resources to the header soon. I think then will it be more comprehensible for the players.

Yes the save and load system is not completely fine. I have to work on this in the future. If you could tell me what is lost after loading, this would be very helpful for me.

Your game looks like it has a lot of potential, but you should definitely find a new title as there is an existing game with the same name and a LOT of negative baggage.


Aside from any potential legal issues, this game was one of the first titles in early access on Steam and one of the first to develop a toxic community, some of whom are still arguing over whether or not the game finished development or was a cash grab scam 7 or 8 years later.

Oh, this game I doesn't know. Thanks for this hint. 

I already thought about a good title, but I didn't find the right one until now. Maybe someone of you has a great idea.


:D Nice idea but I am looking for something more epic, medieval-like. 

Please provide a Mac version for me :) That would be great. If you're using Unity it shouldn't be a big problem. Thanks!

I will create a Mac version for you this evening or tomorrow. But I can't test it, because I don't have any apple devices ;)

no problem. I will test the Mac version If available 😋